Who We Are

Run Club is a performance streetwear clothing brand that caters to any striving individual with a passion for an active lifestyle. The brand dives deep into functionality, performance, adaptability, and sustainability through design, material and craftsmanship while encouraging “movement” amongst its customers and community. Run Club strives to inspire movement 

Why We Started

At run club, our creators have been athletes for a very long time and competed at the highest levels. Movement has a special place in our hearts. We believe that everyone should engage in movement and encourage each other along the way. 

Sometimes, inspiration or motivation doesn’t come in the form of a person. It comes in the form of something else. That’s why we created Run Club. We want to be that brand standing next to you during your 5 am training sessions or simply encouraging you to get out of bed to walk a mile. People aren’t consistent and we want to make sure Run Club is that consistent presence in your life. 

Our Difference

The brand will focus on delivering functional, high performance clothing, accessories etc. As a clothing brand we are considerate of the health of our consumers and the planet. The brand will be using eco friendly materials whenever possible while utilizing sustainable approaches throughout the process. Our sportswear collection is brought to athletes by athletes. It will be fully functional and high performing for any health conscious consumer. Comfort is key in our minimalistic athleisure Lounge-wear which can also be adapted to go to work.